Wednesday 13 January 2021

2020, well what a year that was...

 Yes yes I know, it's definitely been one hell of a year due to the Covid 19 pandemic & we all have had our lives changed & all have a story about it. But for me it's been slightly different as at the start of the year I was already in my own Lockdown due to being mostly stuck at home due to the spine operation which limited me a lot since Sept.

And the start of 2020 this all started to change when I got my self built e-Cruiser out of the flat on New Years day & went of my first ride for 2020 & since Sept 2019. And for the first ride it went pretty well.


And from then I started to take e-Cruiser out for rides & start to do shopping where the pedal assist really came in handy. I was also trying to do physio & get fit enough to return to work, then came the pandemic & the 1st Lockdown...

Oh boy that changed things a bit, most places closed & food supplies got difficult to get due to those panic buying. But thankfully I had the e-Cruiser to go from place to place to get supplies which wouldn't be possible if I had to use the bus on crutches.

But it also gave me the opportunity to take the e-Cruiser out for rides & try increase my cycling distances & use less of the power assist. Now I managed to start increasing my distances but not the reduction of power assist, still was improvements in my opinion.













Now with more cycling on the e-Cruiser meant I could see how she was & to be honest, she exceeded my expectations. But due to the spine operation, my back was more sensitive to the rough bumpy surfaces. So I invested in a new bigger, wider saddle with better suspension & it is a lovely saddle & worth every penny. I did have to replace the Schwalbe tyres as again they failed due to poor quality, so now using Continental Ride Tour tyres & so far are doing well.

Unfortunately with returning to work in June, it meant I was tired every day after my shift so my cycling was reduced as resting up so I could work the next day. But I did manage to get out on some of the days, mostly the weekend. 

So how did I do in the end, well not quite sure it was like how I wanted the year to go & didn't get as much cycling as I like. But I did far more miles in 2020 than I did in 2019, not slightly more. Nope a whole lot more & I hope the trend continues in 2021 despite the 3rd lockdown coming into effect.


And as for how 2021 has started, it's going bloody well. I had to work on New Year's Day so had to cycle to work, problem was there is no safe place to leave the e-Cruiser parked all day on such a quiet day. So I took lil Foldie & cycled to work unassisted for the 1st time ever & it wasn't too bad, did put a strain on my back & legs but I managed it. 😀


So here's to 2021 & whatever it throws at us as we know the pandemic is gonna make plans impossible but I sure am gonna try keep on improving my cycling & build up my strength again.