For Sale to help fund next eBike project.

If you follow me you will know already that I am trying to sell my existing eBike as I need to get a more suitable eBike built for my disability, if you don't then you can read up on it here: For Sale! One Awesome eBike, my Dutchess.

Now selling the eBike was to cover the cost of the conversion kit & I was saving to get the right sort of bike, unfortunately my eldest 19yr old cat Tinker became very ill in June/July & the vet bills mounted up & was worth every penny to help my Tinker who is on a slow recovery atm. This put a big dent into my savings for the purchase of the bike.

So I have gone through my cupboards & attic & pulled out various items I have kept for future use or to sell for occasions like now. Now ideally I rather like to sell locally as it will save having to sort out the costs of P&P to the buyer but if buyers are prepared to pay upfront to have it posted then I am more than happy to. So the following is for sale & are of in good condition if used or new & unused.

To start with I have a pair of Schwalbe Land Cruiser (reflex) 700x35 that were used on a bike I no longer used & went to use on eBike but were too wide & not able to use on any other of my bikes. I would like £15 for the pair.


Next is 2 sets of Panniers, the all Black throw over one is Basil & the White paneled clip on roll top one is Bikemate. Both comes with straps & looking at £10 for each pair.

I also have a bike rack/hanger that can hold 2 bikes & folds down when flat, does need some padding added back onto the area where the bikes sit but is in working order. I like £10 for this.


Next is the SKS Chainboard, suitable for upto 48 teeth front Chainwheel & was bought for a previous bike but never got round to fitting it on the bottom bracket. So is still new & unused & would like £15 for it.

And lastly there's The Jawbreaker Multi-tool, another gift which I rather sell than use. New & unused & like £40.

So if you are interested then you can comment on this blog where I can read but not publish it or can contact me on Twitter @2_Wheeled_Wolf or just email me on wolfdragonrider@gmail.com. I have other stuff to add later when I get them, this is just the first few to start off to recoup the savings to get the next eBike started.