30 Days of Biking, year 3 (lucky for some?)

Ok, those who been following me on various social media for a while now will know for past 2yrs I've done the 30 days of Biking & for those who are new to my blogs or social network accounts these, links to the other blogs will help explain. Old Wolfies blog: 30 days of biking'Autumn' 30 days of biking & these I did last yr on this blog site: The 2 Wheeled Wolf Tagged links for 30 days of biking.

And if you like to join in, the make the pledge at 30 days of biking homepage as its free to do & it will benefit you too. If in Colchester, we could meet up for group rides too...

Now last yr I broke the previous record of doing the 30 days in mileage & distance, so no doubt I will try to beat last yrs this April. But its gonna be a whole new ball game for me, a lot has happened over the past 11 months. I've moved & now have a new area to use which is hilly & not as great a cycle network in my opinion to Chelmsford. Also|I have a different bike, a lighter Trek one that I can go further. But don't worry The Beast hasn't been retired, it's still here with me (I can't bear to part with it) & is used when the territory gets a bit tough (snow mostly) as its a great bike for that. Oh and I am finally stick free! (On 2 legs) :D

So this year is going to be an interesting challenge for me to beat last yrs hard work. Again I am doing Pedal for the J's at the end of the month, but this yr I am pushing the limit. This year I am going for the 50 mile route instead of the 35 & again pushing me to cycle further than I have before.


The other challenge I have for the 30 days is work as I'm now working part time, so gonna have to push myself to go for short rides on those 2 days after work when I come home tired. Also means doing daily blogs & videos might not be possible this yr, was tight going to do last yr as it was. But a simple daily blog will be possible with a few pics.

Now for the Pedal for the J's I might have a lil surprise to reveal nearer to the day, but I will keep quiet for now on that (might not happen). But one thing I will reveal now is that this years 30 days of biking is also training for me for you see I have won a place in the Nightrider London 100km sponsored ride. That is is in June & again gonna push me even more, so the 30 days of biking is going to be good training & Pedal for the J's a good marker to how my performance will be like. So I will leave it there for now & will start the 30 days of blogs for the 30 days of biking in just a few days time. Oh yeah, donation page will be set up for both over the w/e too. ;-)

So for now, watch this space on social networks for further updates...

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