Day 8 of 30 Days of Biking

Considering I did over 30 miles yesterday & exceeded my cycling distances I've been doing, I felt not too bad today. Slight aches here & there & a general tiredness & no energy, but better than I thought i would feel. So I decided to enjoy the sunny weather & go to town for some supplies.

I came across a bike with a note on it, was from Essex Police. Note basically saying a thief was caught trying to steal this bike & wanted owner to contact them to know what damage has been done by this thief. Not happy to know it happens but good to see Essex Police are on the case.

I also saw a shop window that's recently been re-dressed (I think thats the right term), they have a bike in the window  to go with the outdoor wear they're focusing the window on. Not sure on their products, but will look at them later online.

As for the cycle ride in general, unfortunately my nice cycle ride was tainted by silly drivers & pedestrians. I guess the sunny weather has made them switch their brains off...

Heres a clip of my ride today:

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