Day 7 of 30 Days of Biking

Well the Sun was out, I had washed the mud off the Beast from my earlier muddy ride a few days back & then adjust / lube gears, cables & chain. So by time I was done it was noon & weather was still looking pretty good. So I decided today was the day to try & exceed my maximum cycling distance of 18 miles. So off I went, stopped enroute to get fuel supplies of water & energy bars & then headed out of Chelmsford & go where I have never cycled before.

The ride out was pretty good, uneventful in most places as drivers were being courteous to me & I got to Witham in about 1 1/2 hours cycling time, tho a bit longer in actual time as I had stopped for breaks. I popped into a Cycle/Car Autos shop GK's to have a nose around & if you're ever in the area its worth a look at the bikes section.

As I got there faster than I had expected, I thought I'll go just a lil bit further & headed towards Kelvedon & this was fun as I actually cycled most of it along the A12 on a segregated cycle path & got some good speeds on it tho it is being neglected by Highway Dept. of Essex Council. Got to the outskirts of Kelvedon & decided it be best to head back, almost similar route too. There was 1 hill between Hatfield Peverel & Boreham I was going down so fast I had to freewheel as I wasn't pedalling fast enough for the speed. What a rush that was...
But of course where there is a downhill, there's an uphill & that wiped me for a bit & I had to stop for a break.

After that, it was pretty good going back to Chelmsford where I had a quick stop in the Park & then home after being out for a total of almost 5 hours with 3 & a bit hours of cycling. And I had cycled over 30 miles, so not only beaten my best, I had actually smashed it!! :D

So now I have managed to cycle 30 odd miles, it looks like I will be able to do the Pedal for the J's sponsored cycle tho from this ride I know it isn't going to be easy. Also the Beast as nice as a bike I have made it to be, it isn't designed for these distances. So when I can afford it, it would be good to get a lighter road bike for longer rides. But the Beast will be kept for most rides around town as it is a lovely bike & it is the bike to get me back on the road.

Heres a clip of my ride today:

Highlights of the ride:

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