Day 6 of 30 Days of Biking

After a night playing sports games on the Wii, which for me has never been easy to do on a Wii fit board but improving.

Then a lovely walk around Stanway in Colchester area before getting a bus home, where I found some interesting & what looks to be some nice cycle routes I would love to try out in the near future.



Picture above is a new Housing estate in Stanway, Colchester. Woden Ave, I like how they have segregated the paths from the roads so no trying to get around the awful parking. Also it is a 20mph zone so is very quiet, even signs to remind you to give way to pedestrians when you have to cycle across the road which has regular paving. So if it works here, why isn't there more estates like this? Definitely look forward to cycling around here in the future.

Pictures above is a Bridleway between Peartree way & London Road & part of the National Cycle Network, it also has a network of Cycle paths joining to it. Looks to be a fun area to cycle & more so at night. ;-)

Just a shame I couldn't take my bike with me to explore these areas, oh well one day.

I finally got back in the afternoon & even with weary aching legs, I decided to go out & get some shopping. But not just around the corner to get my ride in, but to town to get the mileage with my tired legs. And I'm glad I did as it was an enjoyable ride...

Heres a clip of my ride today:

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