Cycling isn't kind to my Jeans...

Since I started cycling, I have had an issue with my rear. no it's not saddle sore if you're thinking along that line. No its my jeans...

This is the 1st Saddle I had.

You'd think it being a nice soft & comfy saddle, it be OK on my rear. Afraid not...

Next saddle I got due to change in cycling habit & need for more movement of the legs, so I got this.

And it did this to another pair of Jeans...

Which I put to the design of the saddle as the plastic edge rubs. 

So I ordered another similar design with no solid edge.

And is a nice saddle, not to bad to ride on but like the others it's taking another victim...

So after 3 saddles & 3 pair of Jeans, I am at a loss. It's not the saddles so must be either I have a bony rear which is unlikely or the Jeans just aren't made like they used to be (most likely), so if anyone has ideas of hard wearing trousers/jeans (not lycra, you do not wanna see me in lycra) then please leave a comment of what & where I can get them in the comment box. 
But not anything over £30, above that & its out of my financial capability & until then I'm just gonna have to keep buying the cheapest jeans to hold out 'til I can find something harder wearing.


  1. I know the problem. Being a large person, cycling on a hot day while wearing jeans is not good. I was definitely walking a bit 'John Wayne'...

    1. I dont find wearing jeans are a problem other than wearing holes in the rear & I sure dont suffer the 'John Wayne' effect.

  2. You're riding in jeans?
    I might keep my jeans on for a 300 yard ride up to the shops, or the half mile to the swimming pool, but any ride beyond that and jeans are a liability.
    There's nothing wrong with lycra, but if you really can't stomach the thought get yourself down to your local Mountain Warehouse.

    1. What is wrong with jeans? As a teen I did no different & didnt wear holes in them. I prefer jeans, just they dont seem to make them as tough as they were 20yrs ago.